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St. Louis Lipo Laser Center is the premier Lipo Laser body sculpting center in the metro-area. Lipolaser is safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring. The most common areas of the body treated are love handles, tummy bulge, and saddlebags.



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About Us

Selecting your physician for Lipo Laser treatment is a critically important task and one that should not be taken lightly. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable with your doctor and that’s why every medical treatment at St. Louis Lipo Laser is accompanied by a complementary patient consultation.

We understand the necessity for safety and comfort and employ the highest level of medical integrity in our practice. St. Louis Lipo Laser has brought this amazing technological to the St Louis and St. Charles areas.  Lipo Laser technology and body contouring is the most advanced alternatives to liposuction.  It is a safe and 100% non invasive procedure for spot fat reduction and requires absolutely no incision.

Our commitment to medical excellence and patient satisfaction is unparalleled. You need to look no further than St. Louis Lipo Laser.

We have a passion for helping people change their lives by reaching spot fat reduction, body contouring, and health goals they never thought possible.   The demand for this type of treatment is growing exponentially. We decided to bring this innovative technology to our practice and are excited to offer this technology to our existing and new patients.  There are over 1500 Lapex units being used worldwide with excellent result and we are thrilled to now offer this cosmetic treatment in our WingHaven location.